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Discount Flooring, Furniture, and Bedding in Fredonia, NY

The origin of our home town home furnishings store

In 1972, Ron Pucci and his father Carl Pucci were working together in their small family owned business The West Hill Delicatessen. Both of them were spiting time working a shift at the deli and a shift at the local steel plant. The building they owned at the corner of Chestnut and Main Street had apartments above it and the apartments needed new flooring. Ron, ever the entrepreneur, was looking for a way to buy it wholesale. To do so Ron found that with the business certificate for the delicatessen he could buy carpet direct. 

Puccis Flooring start up

On his way to the Buffalo food Market to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for the deli. Ron stopped at a local carpet and flooring distributor (Stuart Lehrman). Though the distributor initially questioned Ron on being a practicing flooring retailer, Ron eventual won him over as he let Ron buy the carpeting. As luck would have it, as Ron was walking out the door, the salesman convinced Ron to buy some samples "You can't just buy these rolls without taking the samples that go with them." Ron was not thrilled to buy the samples but figured he would to appease the salesman and with the money he saved it was worth it. When he got back to the delicatessen and looked at the carpet samples in his truck and Ron thought, "What am I going to do with these?" In Ron's haste to unload the flooring for the apartments, he left the samples at the delicatessen counter. Over the next few days, customers came in with many questions about the carpet samples. During the week that followed, Ron actually started selling more carpet than lunchmeat! Ron took a chance in the fall of 1972 and Pucci's World of Carpet was officially born. Ron quit working at the steel plant and opened his new business just down the street from the delicatessen.

Puccis Furniture Store Expansion

Soon thereafter, Ron's wife, Michelene, formerly a school teacher, joined the business. With Michelene's help, Pucci's expanded into furniture and bedding. Michelene's decorative touch helped the business grow at that location for the next 10 years until the couple decided to relocate to their current location at 112 West Main Street. They renovated an old warehouse and turned it into a home furniture showroom. Since then, Pucci's has grown to be the leader in home furnishings in the Dunkirk, Fredonia and Western NY area.

Ron and Michelenes son, Michael Pucci joined the family business in the early 90s full time . With Michael's help, Pucci's become a more well-rounded furniture store with a larger furniture inventory and deeper product line.  

At this time, Pucci's joined the nation's largest buying groups in furniture and flooring. Taking the business to the next level through national buying power, Pucci's aligned with buying groups Furniture First and Carpet One. Pucci's also made alliances with some of the top bedding companies in the country, including Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Tempur-Pedic  The business soon became "Pucci's Carpet One Furniture and Bedding" and encompassed a wide variety of furniture selections and choices.

Todd Schafer joined the team in the late 90s and took over commercial flooring sales at our home furnishings store. Todd expanded the business into servicing the commercial field and he currently services Erie, Buffalo, Jamestown, and its surrounding areas. 

Ray Grant moved to Fredonia in the fall of 1999 and he specializes in measurements and flooring sales. Ray is the flooring manager at Pucci's and he is the expert on residential measurements.

Chris Kennedy is the bookkeeper and problem solver at our discount home furniture store. Chris is detail-oriented and thorough and his tireless work ethic is one of the reasons why Pucci's is so successful today. Paulette Pacos was hired in 2016 to help with the increasing office work.

Donna Frost joined the team in the mid 2000's from Ehlers furniture in Dunkirk. In Donna Frost Puccis gained an salesperson and manager.

Jim Schofield and Chad Fiebelcorn are our furniture outlet's warehouse managers for over 10 years.

What Our Discount Furniture Outlet Stands For

Here at Pucci's, we are confident that we have the best home furnishing products in the Fredonia, NY area and beyond. Ron said, "Our goal has always been to offer the best available products at the best possible prices to the Dunkirk/Fredonia community and its surrounding areas." Since 1972, Pucci's home furniture and bedding store has seen a lot of changes, and we expect to see many more in the years to come. At Pucci's, we continue to look for ways to save our customers money and provide them with furniture products and services that they can trust. We can now ship to anywhere in the country.  We are proud to be Northern Chautauqua County's leader in quality home furnishings!

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