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Primo International Furniture: Ultramodern European Style Made Affordable

You think conventional furniture is deadly boring. If you see another colonial set you’ll turn it into kindling. Well, now you can kick your tired old furniture to the curb or give it to charity. Because there’s a new brand in town. Canada’s Primo International furniture is here to get you the EXCITING European-inspired designs you seek, with more than a touch of midcentury modern cocktail chic.

Interior Design as Art: Primo International Living Room Furniture

They say that the classiest homes’ living rooms resemble art galleries. It’s just assumed the owner has nice things, familiar trappings from a cultured, educated, and well-traveled background. Primo International living room furniture brings that air to your home. One of our personal favorites from this fashion-forward brand is a sectional sofa with space-age angles including streamlined, tapered feet boldly jutting out. This L-shaped beauty boasts linen upholstery to please the eye and touch in a dignified burnt-orange shade. The back cushions have an extra piece on top for your head and neck. And if you or anyone in your household is a football fan, ask about Primo International coffee tables in the “All Star” line featuring your favorite NFL team’s logo on top.

Chill in Style: Primo International Bedroom Furniture

When you finally need to wind down and sleep after an action-packed day, Primo International bedroom furniture has just the items you need to personalize your space and get you ready to rest. A customer-preferred item from this brand is a queen platform bed in a striking minimalist ivory tone. Customize this baby with a Fleet Queen adjustable base and Allure Queen mattress and you’ve got your ticket to ride for your Zs.

A Cool Spot for Your TV: Primo International Entertainment Furniture

To invest in a state-of-the-art plasma TV but skimp on the entertainment furniture is just cheesy. With Primo International furniture’s selection and price point, you’ll never have to. For example, there is its Danish Modern-inspired midsize TV console in black with woodgrain gray doors on each side, framing shelves to store your extra equipment and media.

When you shop for Primo International furniture at our Fredonia, NY store, you can be assured you are paying the lowest prices in the area. Take this chance to stock up on this cutting-edge brand.

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