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Upgrade to Mattress 1st for Your Good Night’s Rest

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so Mattress 1st has refined its products so not only will you have the most relaxing nights but by so doing you will add years to your life as well as remaining on top of your game the next day. Our regular customers at Pucci’s Carpet One Furniture & Bedding keep telling us that Mattress 1st really delivers on its promises. If other memory foam mattresses have left you sore and overheated, check out our incomparable selection to turn YOUR nights around!

Firm Mattress 1st Innerspring Mattresses

When you need to replace your mattresses every 10 years, Mattress 1st innerspring mattresses are here for hardworking households that need to save a lot of cash. These modern steel coils are the next generation of this sleep standard, providing the firmness that stomach sleepers especially need for a renewing 7-9 hours of shuteye a night. These heavy-duty yet comfortable Mattress 1st innerspring mattresses keep your back’s crucial lumbar region from hyperextending.

Lie on Mattress 1st Hybrid Mattresses for Pocketed Coil Perfection

For only slightly more money you might want to consider one of our soft, inviting Mattress 1st hybrid mattresses using this company’s new take on a luxury feature for added support, the pocketed steel coil. A top layer of memory foam and swaths of support foam buttress these metal wonders, equally wide throughout the spring and wrapped in their own cloth jackets. For a century, pocketed coils have been a proven benefit to sleepers like you. By encapsulating each coil, these high-end Mattress 1st hybrid mattresses reduce motion disturbance so if you or a partner tend to move about in your sleep or have different waking schedules, no problem!

Wonderful Mattress 1st Gel Memory Foam Mattresses for a Cool Ride

If you’re a hot sleeper, enjoy Mattress 1st gel memory foam mattresses’ ability to draw excess heat away from you, so no more waking up feeling like a used sponge. Maximized airflow on the cellular level as well as Mattress 1st’s unique take on pocketed coils make these queen mattresses and other sizes among the best rides in our store.

Get premium Mattress 1st models always affordable at our Fredonia, NY store. Once you try one of these mattresses, you’ll be a believer!

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